Idea for firefighting

Dear Editor:The very recent wildfire storm that ravaged so many Southern California cities with its furious intensity and causing so much damage to forests, property, animals, and the deaths of two firefighters, has given me an idea to perhaps stem much future damage. America has many huge airplanes mothballed, sitting in desert areas, wasting away, that could be retrofitted to become our own super water-scooper air force to fight these wildfires wherever they may occur, Northern or Southern California. I respectfully suggest that we may be able to save many cities, forests, homes, wildlife animals, property, maybe even lives by flying a huge armada of converted planes carrying fire retardant or water, in a wide formation spraying homes and structures first, then circling all around the perimeter of moving flames, stopping them dead in their tracks to move farther. The helicopter fire force does a tremendous job at the lower levels of the canyons and over properties, so this combination of retardant bombers can perhaps quicken the solution. This idea is worth implementing, the sooner the better. Arsonists don't wait while studies go on endlessly. Saving all that greenery mass will help prevent much of the mudslide problem that occurs after a huge wildfire disaster. Infra red sensors on the bombers can detect the hot flame spots below the smoke to drop retardant on them, and at night too. It could be a godsend to the weary firefighters and police on the ground, and people affected in the fire zone. Perhaps this could become a FEMA project to be used all over America to fight fires. - Joe Cvetko, Bellflower

********** Published: September 25, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 23

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