Letter to the Editor: Fireworks are neither safe or sane


Dear Editor:

Recently in the community app Nextdoor, some of our Downey (and Bellflower) neighbors were complaining about the noise from fireworks being set off to celebrate high school graduations in the area.

Let’s evaluate the real impact of fireworks on our community.

1) Safe? Research shows that there are heavy metals and cancer-causing substances that remain in the air for minutes and up to hours from the airborne displays. Particulates fall into water sources and pollute our environment.

Sane? While those willing participants enjoy the show, many neighbors are suffering. There are people with PTSD, our veterans, that relive the life-altering trauma through the bass heavy explosions and through the smell of gunpowder. Those of us with anxiety disorders will experience the fight or flight response with trauma that unwittingly may last for many heart racing hours.

Our beloved dogs and cats will be traumatized, and as anyone who’s ever checked the lost and found ads after the Fourth of July knows, some will escape and become lost forever.

As stated in the article regarding illegal fireworks, it is hard to enforce our illegal fireworks laws when legal fireworks are going on all around us.

I feel Downey has progressed, and residents would be willing to ban all fireworks in Downey, and hopefully rethink harming ourselves and our neighbors with non-4th of July/New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Let’s take another vote regarding allowing safe and sane fireworks. Let’s discourage high schools from using fireworks for celebrations.

Tina Ige

Dear Editor:

Well, it’s that time of the year that we celebrate the independence of our great country. The 4th of July is a day where families and friends gather to celebrate.

Safe and sane fireworks are allowed to be sold and used in some cities. Some cities have no tolerance of any kind. Unfortunately, we have criminals that bring in illegal fireworks to the cities. People that buy and ignite the illegal fireworks are criminals also. Depending on the amount of fireworks, it is a felony or misdemeanor.

Criminals have already begun using the fireworks without any respect for their neighbors, animals or property. They don’t know why we celebrate July 4. It’s just a day to shoot their fireworks. Our veteran neighbors suffering from PTSD are tormented. Our pets are scared and many run away.

If you see these criminals launch these illegal fireworks, turn them in. Don’t be afraid to call the police. You can do this anonymously. The police can’t find the criminals without your help.

Bob Rodriguez

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