Letter to the Editor: SB 268

Dear Editor:

California residents should be very concerned about Senate Bill 268 which started out as a CalWorks eligibility bill and was thoroughly gutted by Se.r Scott Wiener, Democrat of San Francisco, into a bill that reduces ballot measure transparency.

Existing law requires that, “If the proposed measure imposes a tax or raises the rate of a tax…the ballot [is] to include in the statement of the measure the amount of money to be raised annually and the rate and the duration of the tax to be levied.” The newly proposed bill eliminates that provision.

If you are a concerned voter who wants to know how tax dollars are spent by our representatives in Sacramento, let Sen. Bob Archuleta (32nd District) know that you opposed SB 268. His phone number is (562) 406-1001.

Norma Gutierrez

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