LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Make the Promenade more upscale

Dear Editor: 

I have been watching the gradual building of the new shopping center/hotel/movie theatre, and am glad to see that the City of Downey is trying to grow and develop and attract more businesses to Downey.

However, I was very disappointed to find out that no effort has been made to bring a store such as Trader Joe's or Sprouts to Downey. Most Downey residents would love to have such a store in our neighborhood, instead of having to drive to Cerritos, Lakewood or Long Beach and spend our money in those cities (instead of adding to the tax revenue of our own city).

If the mayor and the City Council really care about this city, instead of bringing yet another Walmart, which we do not need or want in this city, they could make a little more effort in bringing a higher scale of stores that the citizens of this town actually want, care about and would love to have.

I am asking the Downey Patriot to share this letter with the City Council and the Mayor and ask them to make an effort to bring more upscale businesses to this area. Cerritos is a much newer city, yet its better planned and built, and has made a successful effort in attracting the right kind of shops and businesses that make it a more attractive city to live in. I would like Downey to come up to Cerritos' standards. Its definitely doable if a little effort is made.

Downey is a great town and has the potential to be even greater if our government actually listens to the desires of its citizens. Bring Trader Joe's and Sprouts to Downey now!

Michelle Fox

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