Dear Editor: 

In regards to Donald Trump, let's hope his political career ends before it starts.

He received a lot of backlash for his remarks concerning Mexicans and about John McCain and veterans. In this day and age, political correctness is necessary (especially for politicians). Imagine him being President and not being politically correct when meeting foreign leaders and representatives; not only will he receive backlash, but he will continue to give the US a bad image, if not worse.

Trump could have better phrased his remarks, but chose not to, nor did he apologize. If he would have done either of the two, maybe he would be in better standing with the public, but he didn’t, and now he has to deal with his mistakes. Although he may be ahead in the polls for the Republican party, other Republican candidates have distanced themselves from Trump and criticized him for his remarks; to me, that says a lot, his own party does not like him.

I look forward to seeing Trump put his foot in his mouth in future speeches.

Guillermo Vazquez


Dear Editor: 

On debate Thursday, my guess will be about two candidates out of the top 10 attacking the front runner, Donald Trump. Every one of them wants to be the big man who can claim to knocking him out of the race. 

Any way you look at it, it will be a lesson in futility when politicians as usual attack the outside, the plain talker, the gutsy Trump. Trump will best all of them with his plain from the heart and guts speech -- no nicey nicey, touchy, feely good, kissy poo poo stuff. They are all gonna take a lickin' while he still keeps on a tickin'. 

Trump has what those guys wish they had: guts and plain speak like the average man on thes treet. Most politicians have that fancy, namby pamby, touchy, feely good political ho-hum dribble-from-the-mouth speak. Some are better at putting people to sleep than Nyquil. Same old ho hum and more PhD politico crap. PhD means Piled Higher and Deeper in referring to windy politicians, and liberal educators with BS degrees meaning not Brilliant Stuff but plain old Bull Stuff. 

Jeb Bush doesn't deserve the number 2 spot, and I hope that Cruz, Walker or Huckabee beat him for that spot. It is time for a newer name than Bush or Clinton to run our country. 

Hillary is a 1% now too with her million dollar speeches, her old man, and her get from questionable donors, here and foreign. Jeb doesn't deserve to inherit the presidency from the Republican Party. I liked Bush 1 and 2 over what we have now in this administration. President Obama, if you need me, I'll call you. Don't hold your breath waiting for my call. 

Trump is the man for all people in America, as people are his only special interest after family and country. He doesn't want your money, only your vote to work for you and yours toward a greater America for all of the U.S. 

President administration trusts our enemies better than we the people. By dealing with Iran the way we are doing, giving them $150 billion, it is like buying the rope to hang the U.S. with. That's you and yours whose lives are at stake. 

Trump is the right man for the job at this time of American history because it has to do with survival of the free world as we know it. 

Joe Cvetko

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