LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dirty street near Griffiths Middle School

Dear Editor:

As of today nothing been done about the large tree opposite 9702 Tweedy Lane. I wrote about the dangers this large tree presents two weeks ago.

Today my wife and again walked under this tree and noticed a couple of other eyesores. The sidewalk next to the school is a disgrace. Some weeds are about a foot tall, other trash never seems to be picked up. For many days there is standing water in the gutter about 100 feet long that never reaches the drain near the crosswalk at Lubec Street, an obvious street problem. This standing water is the perfect breeding spot for mosquitoes.

It is apparent to us that this area at Griifiths must be the worst maintained school in California if not the whole country. The pavement on Tweedy Lane has some smaller but still unsafe potholes. The principle, Mr. Stapp, the teachers, the council person for this area, and the mayor of Downey do not seem to care about this disgraceful part of Downey or lack the initiative to clean up Tweedy Lane between Suva and Lubec Street.

May I suggest the removal of the slogans that are painted in large letters on the school buildings visible from the sidewalk. They might be spelled correctly but give the wrong impression. What do you teach this young generation? 

Fortunately my wife and I are in a position to leave our home on Tweedy Lane at any time. I am 82 years old, afflicted with Parkinson's, unable to drive but would like to make myself popular at a council meeting to state my concern in person. 

Dieter Oltersdorf


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