LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Punish those who hire illegal immigrants

Dear Editor:

The issue of illegal immigrants is just that, an issue that politicians from Hillary Clinton to Jeb Bush need to have something to talk about instead of tackling real problems.

Illegal immigration is easy to stop but to do it the reasons for illegal immigration must be understood. Illegal immigrants don't come escaping political persecution or religious intolerance. They come because they listen to the only voice that never lies, the voice of the stomach. In other words, they come because they can find work here because it is financially profitable for big corporations like Wal-Mart (the Wall Street Journal reported they had hired illegal aliens) and for individuals who hire an illegal gardener.

The solution suggests itself: Don't employ illegal aliens and since there is no work, they won't come and those who are already here will return to their home land. In order to do this, something brave is required from the government like imposing a one year jail sentence for every illegal individual a company has hired. Seeing the CEO of Wal-Mart in jail will be a strong incentive for other companies not to hire illegal immigrants;  the same pressure will apply to individuals.

Will the government do this? I seriously doubt it because after all we need Wal-Mart and its low price items and the political contributions of C.E.O.'s to finance political campaigns.

Until we are ready to do the right thing all debate about illegal immigrants is laughable.

Jorge Montero

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