Letter to the Editor: Stop illegal fireworks

Dear Editor:

A comment is necessary on the article on fireworks in Downey.

Just knowing they are considering the problem makes me happy. It sounds like a war zone on holidays in north Downey (off Telegraph Road and before the 605 Freeway.) I did not see one police office cruise this area. Downey PD has always done a great job for Downey and I have lived here for 68 years. This is more than one department can handle. 

People are not afraid and flaunt the use of illegal fireworks in my area. It is tragic that so few are caught. The police have more important calls to make and these people know it. I am going to make some suggestions to stop this bad behavior.

1. Downey offer a $500 reward to residents reporting these clowns. Of course, this reward would be based on the successful find of illegal fireworks. I know there are garages just full of them.

2. Put together a citizens team to just drive around Downey and spot them. They are not to do anything but report an address back to the officers. Maybe Neighborhood Watch could recruit and assist.

3. They should be arrested for endangerment to property if possible with a substantial fine that will make them think twice about bringing these fireworks into the neighborhood.

4. Distribute signs to residents about the fact their neighbor can turn them in for profit. 

I am done with these people that endanger the neighborhood with a possible fire or damage to property. Hope City Councils gets this information.

Barbara Lidie

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