Letter to the Editor: Tactical vehicles a necessity for police

Dear Editor:

While I respect Mr. Portillo’s opinion, I strongly disagree. (“The Militarization of Downey PD,” Letters to the Editor, 8/29/19)

Tactical vehicles like the BearCat are used by law enforcement agencies across the country. The argument against them falls short on fact. Referencing studies that pertain to “military grade weapons” and “crime statistics” do little more than raise fears and don’t address the true story.

I can agree that tactical vehicles don’t prevent crime. But when the excrement hits the oscillator, that’s when their true value is seen.

More often than not, BearCats are being utilized to rescue those innocent men, women, and children in harm's way. As a retired deputy sheriff, I have seen tactical vehicles like these rescue numerous civilians, while protecting the brave men and women who risk their lives moving towards the gunfire.

The good citizens of Downey deserve a rapid police response that can address whatever issue is presented to them. Currently, they have to wait until the Sheriff’s Department can get the same type of vehicle into the city.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is granted to all, including law enforcement officers. This is just another tool to help them do their job safely.

Jeff Caudill

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