University admissions

Dear Editor: My son, who was born here in Downey, graduated with a practically worthless diploma in education some five years ago.

He inquired at his alma mater, Cal State Long Beach, as to the possibility of returning to effectively “re-make” his practically worthless diploma since teachers would be laid off for the following five or more years from the adjoining school districts. He needed some form of priority to have access to fewer than 10 accounting courses. He was told effectively that it couldn’t happen because there was no room.

Just last week, the superintendent for higher education who, incidentally, as the former chief of homeland security, was supposed to deport these illegal aliens, announced that the number of students admitted to California higher education would be curtailed.

Yet, we do find resources and money to not only admit 650 illegal aliens at CSULB but to maintain a center to help them get access to finaning, giving them practically free tuition. Let me figure this out: free tuition for invaders in the California higher education system but no access for native students.

My son, by the way, is still re-making his way into the accounting profession five years later having been refused re-entry into his alma mater, CSULB to make room for 650 illegal aliens. So next time a CSULB fundraiser calls on the phone as they often do, if you wish to provide invaders or illegal aliens with free tuition, it is your money, by all means contribute. Otherwise, tell them no, tell them that you do not wish to provide illegal aliens with scholarships and tell them to remove your name from their calling list as I have done with my schools in New York, another so-called DREAM state. Let them keep on dreaming but they won’t see my money.

And, by the way, stop calling these whatever they are undocumented students. They are illegal aliens or invaders.

Pierre Dauphin




Published: March 19, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 49

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